Watson Hat

October 7, 2020

Hi folks, Hollywood here again with another about Johnny’s Journey To Be Cancer Free. Eric Watson, of Watson’s Hat Shop in Stage Coach Village, and Johnny are very good friends and when Eric found out about Johnny’s cancer diagnosis he wanted to do something to lift Johnny’s spirits. His decision was to create a hat with the purple colors that indicate the fight against pancreatic cancer for the ribbon and feather.

The day the hat was ready here’s what happened.

Johnny is turning the corner wearing jeans, boots, a Hawaiian shirt, a grey small brimmed fedora hat and starts to head down the steps leading to the hat shop.

You can hear the water rushing down the fountain that runs beside the steps. Johnny pauses and with great excitement exclaims, “I am so excited, I just got a call from Eric Watson and he’s got my hat ready that represents pancreatic cancer and I’m so excited”.

Johnny turns and heads to the entry door.

From inside the shop we see Johnny enter and as he rushes in he says, “Hey Emily I just got a call from Eric, is my hat ready”?

Emily is Eric’s wife and helps him run the shop.

Emily with happiness in here voice replies, “Yes it is”.

Johnny asks, “Where’s Eric”?

Emily replies, “He’s right here”.

You can hear Eric walking closer as he says, “I’m right here”.

Johnny with excitement and in a high voice says, “My heart is pounding Eric”.

He continues telling us that the creation of the hat was set up a few weeks ago. He proceeds to tell us that Eric measured his head and that the hat will represent pancreatic cancer. He tells us it’s going to have a purple ribbon and he plans to wear it to the cancer center and use it to make the other patients smile.

Deliberately he keeps his head turned away from where the hat is while he talks. It appears he wants to be surprised.

Johnny turns and steps to the counter where Eric is hiding the hat underneath. The hat then appears and Johnny reacts like a kid on Christmas morning when he opens up that gift he really wanted but thought he’d never get.

Emily proclaims, “It’s almost a duplicate of Eric’s hat”.
Johnny takes off his hat and takes the new hat in his hands shows it off.

Gently placing it on his head his grin gets even bigger.
With a chuckle in her voice Emily says, “I’ve never seen you in a fedora”.

Johnny pulling the front of his shirt out says, “This Tommy Bahama is compliments of The Kiwanis Thrift Store and they have given me a whole new wardrobe to wear while I’m doing my chemo treatments”.

There is some friendly banter as Johnny heads over to a mirror to check out his new gift.

He does several poses and head shifts to check it out and then turns and asks, “Don’t I look sexy”?

Everyone laughs.

Eric says to Johnny, “Emily put a special message in the hat”.
That refers to an engraving on the sweatband.

Smiling Johnny responds, “I’ll have to check it out”.

Turning back to the mirror he does some more posing.

He slowly spins back to us and says, “This is a whole new look of Johnny Ringo, it’s a whole chapter I’m going through”. “I’m so happy that Watson hat and the whole family here is like my family”. “They treat me pretty special and I’m so happy they coming on my journey with me”.

Grabbing both sides of the brim with his fingertips he does a quick hat and body wiggle and in a higher pitched voice almost like a cartoon character says, “That’s it folks”.

Walking out the front door wearing his new hat and holding onto his hat from Kiwanis he holds up the hat in his hand and expresses his joy saying, “Watson Hat and Kiwanis hat”.
After that there are a few pictures of Johnny in his new hat.
Johnny was so thrilled that a day or two later he took the Watsons a bouquet of flowers. The last pictures in the sequence are of the event.

Please come back to this blog every week and continue watch this journey unfold.

As always Johnny wants you to know, “Thank you for your support and prayers and God bless all of you”.


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