Ranch Office – Divine Intervention

September 23, 2020
Allow me to introduce myself, when Johnny and I are out on tours I am known as Hollywood. Johnny has asked me to help him put these videos and podcasts together. My goal is to tell you what Johnny says and to try to give you a little insight on how Johnny is feeling in his heart. I hope you enjoy the series.

Part 1. A message from the Ranch office:
Johnny is not in his normal cowboy get up sitting on the couch in his office. Because of the new situation in his life, it appears, he is reminiscing of when he was younger and his life in New Jersey. He has changed his outfit into what he calls his Guido outfit. He’s wearing jeans, a white shirt and a grey suit vest and hat to match. He explained to us that he is very proud of what he has done over the last 30 years in Cave Creek Arizona with his company Carefree Adventures. Behind him is a wall full of tour pictures and published articles. Johnny tells us how proud he is that people from all around the world have gone on tours and then came back to do another tour and he calls these people his Carefree Adventures family. Johnny tells us that this wall is his collection of memories and that what he wants to do is to be healed from this cancer and get back out to do tours and create more memories. Knowing Johnny as I do, it’s not something that he would just say; I know it’s something he really wants to do.

Part 2. Divine Intervention:
This recording tells us the story of the day Johnny found out that he has pancreatic cancer. He reflects on the events of the day and realizes that all of the people were put in the right place at the right time to help him start his journey.
Johnny starts the story by telling us that one morning he was going out to comfort a friend who needs a bone marrow transplant. While having breakfast at the Black Mountain Café Johnny listened to his friend’s story. Johnny let him know that he was praying for him and would do whatever he could to help. Him. Johnny reassured him that he would get a donor. A few days later he did get one.

Leaving his friend he went to the gas station to fill up his truck and ran into a friend who has been on many tours. The friend asks Johnny about the Ocotillo fire and how it had affected Johnny’s business. They talk for a bit and Johnny sees another good friend across the way and goes to visit with him. This friend, Frank, is a retired doctor.

Frank looked at Johnny and asked, “Johnny are you OK”?
Johnny replied, “Well you know the past few days I’ve not felt all that good”. “I have pains in my stomach and I’m not sure what’s going on”.

Frank suggested that he come over to the house so he can examine him.

Later that day Johnny brings his girlfriend Terry to Franks house so he can check him out. By this time Johnny had symptoms of jaundice and is looking pretty yellow. After a brief examination by Dr. Frank he tells Johnny, “In the morning go to the emergency room and let them check you out”.

The next morning Johnny takes an ambulance to the emergency room. At the hospital they do a pet scan and they find that he has cancer and it’s on his pancreas. The next day several procedures were done with scopes and such to find out that the cancer had closed his bile duct and that is why he was turning yellow. The doctors put in a stent to relieve that problem. The doctors continue to do more testing and a couple of days and then he was sent home. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions a telephone video call was done with the doctors on one end and Johnny, Terri and Frank on the other end. Johnny was given a choice of doing standard cancer treatment or to try a new trial study that is being done here in Phoenix. This trial project is to help Doctors learn how to cure cancer. After a brief conversation decided do the trial. Johnny is the kind of person who will do most anything to help out someone else. That is just who Johnny is.

He continues telling us that he is very honored to be part of a team that may possibly find a permanent cure for cancer. The doctors will tell him what he can and cannot eat, drink, take as supplements and medications.

Johnny asks, “Does this mean I might get some medical marijuana”?

The doctors chuckle and say “No”.

Johnny ends this video explaining how he believes that divine intervention put all of the right people in the right place at the right time.

The day this journey started Johnny was not feeling well himself but instead of dwelling on his own problems he went out to help a friend in need.

Johnny wants to create a documentary that will be informational and uplifting for others who may have to head down this trail.

Please come back to this blog every week and continue watch this journey unfold.

As always Johnny wants you to know, “Thank you for your support and prayers and God bless all of you”.


  1. Paddi Garitee Mozilo

    I know this isn’t the adventure you would prefer but you will be lifted up and loved the entire way by all of us that love you.

  2. Kimberley Shaw

    Johnny we are great believers in fate and this adventure will lead you to healing which is what we all want, you have so many people praying for you and Ian, Sam and I send healing white light for your full recovery. Now if they would just open that border we would be the first people crossing into our beloved Arizona and down that Carefree Highway to hug our beloved friends which is you Johnny and Terre. Hang in their Johnny, you got this!

    Sending love from BC 🇨🇦 Canada

    Kim, Ian and Sam the Man ❤️🙏

  3. Phyllis (Price) De Simone

    You are always in my prayers and thoughts, Johnny. Always, your Mt. Virgin classmate, Phyllis Price


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