Johnny’s First Week of Chemotherapy and IV Treatments

October 14, 2020

Hi Folks this is Hollywood again and this weeks video is about Johnny’s first week of going in for his chemotherapy treatments. Each week there are two days of procedures. Every Wednesday is chemotherapy and each session is 8 hours long. On Thursday he returns to the center for a two-hour session where they inject medication into him using IVs. Johnny will explain more.

The first part of this video is only pictures.

This story opens with Johnny saying, “Well here we are heading to the cancer center Terry and I just pulled up and I’m a little nervous”. “I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m glad Terry was with me”. “To be strong I wore my Cave Creek strong shirt to give me strength”.

The Cave Creek Strong shirt was created to raise money for people that were affected by the Ocotillo Fire earlier in the summer.

Johnny continues, “I’m going in and Terry is with me, but she can’t go in which is sad”. “I turn around and tell her that I love her and I’ll see her later”.

Terry is not allowed into the center because of the CDC’s COVI19 pandemic guidelines.

Johnny then tells us, “Once I go inside they take me to my room, I’m on a trial so I got my own room”.

“This is where I’m gonna be for eight hours”. I brought food, I brought books, I brought everything to keep me company for eight hours”. “So they got the port on me to make it a lot easier to give me the chemo”. “Once they got the port in and the chemo I’m getting ready and I’m just kind of relaxing and I’m scared”. “This stuff is coming in my body and I don’t know what it is but I know that it is supposed to help me be cured, so I’m accepting it”. “I have my little friend”.

Now you see a picture of Johnny standing next to his IV bag stand holding it with one hand and pointing to it with the other.

With a joking voice Johnny says, “Also I have my new friend, I want to introduce you to my little buddy”.

“Wherever I go I have to take him, he’s always there with me and he’s going to keep me company for eight hours”. “I put out on Facebook to name my little friend, we had a contest and it was pretty cool and everybody named him slim, so that’s his name”. “You’ll be seeing Slim quite often through my journey”.

“I had a nervous day, a good day for the first day of chemo”. “After chemo we went back to Cave Creek and I met up with my good friend Mike who owns “The Grotto”. “He’s been very helpful to me through this whole journey and he wanted to know how I made out on my first day”. “So we stopped to say hello, we gave each other hugs”. “So it was all good, it was all good”.

Thursday is Johnny’s day of IV treatments.

This next part of the blog begins with Johnny out on his front patio wearing blue sweatpants and I hooded sweatshirt that he got from his New Jersey high school buddy’s who were the Young Rascals band. As the scene starts he lowers his mask so you can hear him talk.

He stars by saying, “Morning everybody, I’m getting ready to go to the cancer center”. “I was there all day yesterday and I had a great experience having chemo for 8 hours plus”. “So today my friend Betsy’s picking me up and we’re heading back down for my second day, this is my session of IVs”.

“I’m gonna play a song, these are the Rascals they’re good friends, we grew up together “.
Johnny leans down to start his music player and then pops right back up, faces the camera and grabs his face mask and again covers his face.

Then he proclaims, “Oh, before I do that, look at my facemask”. Referring to the logo on the mask he says and we can see, “The Pony Club, Asbury Park New Jersey, I got it from a friend of mine”. The he points to his sweatshirt that displays the band name and says, “The Rascals”. Johnny then spins around to show us the back of the sweatshirt and as we read it he says, “Once upon a dream”. “I went to the concert and it was amazing”.

Since the members of the bad are his old high school buddies he has told me the story of how they all hung out for a few days and that Johnny and Terry got to see the show from backstage.

Referring to the printing on the back he tells us, “That’s what the journey is all about, living the dream”.

“I’ll get out of the this with a great dream and a great journey and be cancer free and we’ll be back in business”. “Now let’s play that song”.

Johnny bends down to turn the player back on and The Rascals tune, ”Good Love-in” starts to blast as

Johnny does some of his best dance moves and at time even sings along.

The next song is the mellower song, “Beautiful Morning”, and the dance moves are reflecting the mood of the song.

He pulls his mask off and gets closer to the camera for a close up and says, “This is a beautiful morning here in Arizona, Cave Creek, a little piece of heaven”. “I’m getting ready to go to IVs and it’s a beautiful morning with Betsey taking me and I’m so happy and proud of everybody who has been helping me through this. So, as I said earlier I’m taking every one with me on this journey to continue living my dream. I’m getting ready to go so I want every one to have a beautiful morning and thank God we’re all alive and thank God we’re healthy and if we’re not we need the strong strength of God with our prayers to get better”. “I’m gonna leave now and next you’ll see me going into the center”.

The next scene begins with Johnny walking along the side of the center with his bags in hand.

You hear Betsy say, “Here’s Johnny Ringo going into the center for his day of IVs”. Johnny approaches the door pauses, turns back around, does a thumbs up and waves before going into the center.

Because of the COVIS19 CDC restrictions no one is allowed to go in with Johnny so this part of the video is a series of pictures and Johnny’s descriptions of what you see. The first picture is him in a chair doing a thumbs up with both hands with his mask on and you can see the IV tube leading to his port.

He tells us, “Here I am with my IV and it’s almost done, the bag is almost empty maybe 15 minutes left”.

Referring to this being his first day he says, “I just want you to know that today was a good experience, and everybody here is so nice to me”. “They keep coming in and making sure that I’m OK”. They make it very pleasant for everybody”. “Today I’m in my private room but sometime in the future I’ll be in a big room with other people”. “Someday I want to start making eye contact with the other people here”.

“Some of the people may not want to be bothered and that’s OK but that’s not me”. “The nurses all love me and they’re happy when they see me”. “I just want you to know that my first day of IV was an OK experience”. If any of you experience this I just want you to stay positive, focus and stay strong because that’s what got me through chemo day one and IVs day two”. “I’m going to continue my journey and it’s all about once upon a dream.


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