A New Look For Johnny Ringo and Thank You

November 13, 2020

This podcast is filmed on Johnny’s front patio. He is wearing his chemo hat created by Watson Hats and a plaid madras sport coat. Johnny sincerely says:

​Hi Everyone Johnny Ringo here. During my journey to be cancer free this is the new look for Johnny Ringo. I want to inspire my chemo brothers and sisters to smile, so the outfits I’ve been wearing show them that I have hope and happiness in my heart and that is what I want to share and when I see them smile, mission accomplished.
I want you to know I’m going to beat this and I want to be an inspiration to everyone. I will never give up on myself I will never give up fighting this disease.

With COVID ruining our economy, desert fires destroying our properties and for me this medical issue, this has been a difficult year for all of us.

From the beginning of my journey there are so many people behind the scenes by bringing us meals, food, taking care of our horses, doing errands, driving me to and from chemo appointments and the Johnny’s journey to be cancer free fund raiser. From the bottom of our hearts Terre and I thank you. Most important I will never give up on life. What keeps me strong is you, your prayers, your support, your generosity and when I and cancer free, badda bing badda boom the Johnny Ringo you know will ride again.
God bless you and God bless America.


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Watson Hat

Watson Hat

Hi folks, Hollywood here again with another about Johnny’s Journey To Be Cancer Free. Eric Watson, of Watson’s Hat Shop in Stage Coach Village, and Johnny are very good friends and when Eric found out about Johnny’s cancer diagnosis he wanted to do something to lift Johnny’s spirits. His decision was to create a hat with the purple colors that indicate the fight against pancreatic cancer for the ribbon and feather.

Cut My Hair

Cut My Hair

Howdy folks this is Hollywood again bringing you more of the story of Johnny’s journey to be cancer free. Johnny has for many many years styled a wonderful mustache and a long head of hair. He knew that his hair would be falling out but he wanted to save his long locks and maybe do something with them. This next video shows you the story of getting his haircut.